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Help & Info about On-Screen Keyboard Portable for windows

  • 1. What is On-Screen Keyboard?

    On-Screen Keyboard (OSK), as the name suggests, is a keyboard that shows up on your screen. Made by, the keyboard works with both touch-sensitive displays and mouse clicks. The keyboard is lightweight and also works with older Windows versions such as Windows 95.
  • 2. What does one mean by “portable”?

    The OSK is portable, which means you can use it on a variety of devices. You can also have it stored in a USB device, which can be then plugged into and run on any device. The word “portability” stems from the fact that you can save the settings you make to the keyboard and open the same keyboard on another device.
  • 3. How customizable is the keyboard?

    The keyboard is extremely functional and also customizable. It may not look the most attractive, but it can definitely be modified to your preferences. For instance, you can resize the window size. And the changes you make to the settings would be saved, so that when you open the keyboard the next day, it will be the same as you set it to be.
  • 4. How safe is the keyboard?

    The keyboard is simple and functional. There are no special features as such. And it should not harm you too, provided the keyboard is not attacked by malicious programs such as a software logger, which is more common than hardware loggers. These malicious programs may try to read your saved passwords and pose some serious security problems, by the way.
  • 5. How do the keyboard settings get saved?

    As aforementioned, OSK helps you move your saved keyboard settings between devices. It would remember your preferred keyboard options such as 'sound' and 'hover' settings. To launch the saved keyboard from any device of your choice, you must save it in your account and log into your account every time you want the keyboard.
  • 6. Who is this keyboard for?

    This keyboard is ideal for people who primarily work with touch-based computing machines such as tablet computers, 2-in-1 laptops, and also smartphones. In other words, OSKs serve as alternate text entry tools for devices that support pen-based computing.
  • 7. How is the user experience like?

    The keyboard is extremely easy to launch and use. Also, the keyboard would stay atop all the windows you have opened. This means it won’t get lost in a sea of active windows - if you have a lot of them open - and would stay accessible and usable at all times.
  • 8. Will the keyboard work with a mouse?

    As aforementioned, the keyboard works with both touch-based inputs and mouse. This means if touching your device’s screen every time to key in the inputs is a bit of a reach, you can shift to your mouse. And you can use the mouse and touch-based gestures interchangeably as well.
  • 9. Is the tool free?

    Yes, this on-screen keyboard is free. But it makes up for that by generously peppering its website with pop-up advertisements. These ads work because to access the saved keyboard, the user would have to visit the site. Needless to say, the ads are annoying but that should not be much of an issue as the actual keyboard is devoid of any advertisement.
  • 10. Is there any ‘help’ or ‘support’?

    Yes, the PortableApps website has a range of support material and tools to help confused or wandering users. You’ve got the ‘live chat’ tool as well, along with a plethora of articles that cover almost everything there is to the keyboard.


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